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Immobiliare Mantegazza is a family passion which has been valuing clients for over 60 years by paying specific attention to their needs.The keys to our success are professionalism, quality and historicity, with decades of activity, visions, projects and results.

The family’s latest two ventures take on a particular reputation:

Palazzo Mantegazza, located on the corner of Lugano and Paradiso and with a futuristic architectural conception, is the symbol of the family’s path linked to the city.

Grand Hotel Palace, the new residence into which the old Albergo Palace has been transformed, has been reborn in all its elegance. With the newly designed exhibition-museum complex and the new theater-auditorium, Grand Hotel Palace overlooks a new square housing the new cultural center of the City of Lugano.

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We have been designing and administering successful properties since 1954

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In May 2012, Immobiliare Mantegazza took on a new corporate identity, becoming Immobiliare Mantegazza SA, now affiliated with SVIT.



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