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The Real Estate Mantegazza SA

In May 2012, Mantegazza Real Estate adopted a new corporate status, becoming a “Real Estate” company, Mantegazza SA, now affiliated with SVIT (Swiss Real Estate Company).

With effect from 1 July 2012, the new company has taken over full management of properties managed by the previous administration, appointing Ms Vicky Mantegazza as President.

The Mantegazza family has maintained majority control of the Board of Directors of the new company.


The Mantegazza family, originally from Lombardy, settled in the Tessin in 1764, initially in the Mendrisio area and then Lugano. The first steps in the growing tourism industry were taken by Antonio Mantegazza, the father of the current owners. In 1928, he founded “Globus”, initially as an incoming travel agency with its own fleet of coaches.
The launch into the internationalisation of their tourism activities began after the end of the Second World War when Antonio’s young sons Sergio and Geo divided the tasks. Sergio’s activities, together with the Albek family, expanded gradually but consistently into the international field but in particular in England and the United Sates elevating “Holding Globus” to be a world leader in the travel industry.
At that time, they founded their airline company Monarch, today one of the most recognized and acknowledged private airlines in England.
In 1952, Geo the younger of the two brothers, graduated in civil engineering from the state Politechnic University of Zurich and in 1954 he founded Mantegazza and Cattaneo, an engineering office. This company quickly became recognised in the Tessin in the construction field taking on important assignments both in the public and private sectors continuing today following its foundation 50 years ago.
In this capacity, Geo promoted and realised all the building projects of the family which led to the construction of various apartment buildings and residences located in the most prestigious areas of Lugano. These buildings are recognized and esteemed for their modern architectonic design, quality and luxurious finishing touches - not to mention the acquisition of highly prestigious Lugano buildings.
The Mantegazza family today figures amongst the most important real estate entrepreneurs in the Canton of Tessin. Lugano is looking forward to recognition and celebrity for the residential esteem of the area in particular with the two latest family initiatives i.e. The Palazzo Mantegazza in Riva Paradiso with its futuristic architectonic conceptions which express symbolically the passage of the family and its links to Lugano; and the transformation of the old Palace Hotel as testimony of its history, is re-born in all its elegance.
This building with its projected exhibition-museum and auditorium-theatre complex is facing a new square, heart of the new cultural centre of the town of Lugano.
The addition of the Palazzo Ransila, previously the main branch of the Union Bank of Switzerland designed by the architect Mario Botta and situated near the commercial-administrative centre of the town, has enriched the family portfolio.
The family’s contribution to the development and progress of the town will be crowned with the completion of important works in the very near future.
The Mantegazza family has always felt the bond which effectively ties is to the locality from where its achievements on the world market were launched. They firmly believe that Lugano has great residential potential not only due to its location at the foot of the Alps but also to its position on the shores of a lake of rare beauty - with its pleasant and sunny Mediterranean climate and surrounded by cool valleys and sun kissed pre-alpine rises. Apart from these enviable natural characteristics Lugano offers today many social-economic advantages which are much appreciated. It is near to some of the most important Swiss skiing areas and to Mediterranean beaches; it has a regional airport and is linked to Milan-Malpensa international airport. Moreover it is the third largest financial centre in Switzerland. Not only can it provide all services to the highest of Swiss standards including most importantly security, but it can offer an enviable level of cultural experiences.